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Tracey Ryniec's Market Edge

Feb 25, 2020

 Scared about the stock volatility due to coronavirus fears? It pays to
listen to what legendary investors are doing during these rocky times.
 (0:30) - Stock Market Sell Off On Coronavirus Concerns
(6:45) - The Many Pullbacks of the Bull Market
(14:50) - Stocks To Watch During Market Downturn
(23:00) - Episode Roundup:...

Feb 19, 2020

As stocks hit new all-time highs to finish 2019, the professional money managers were busy positioning their portfolios for 2020. What were they buying, and selling, heading into the new year?
(0:20) - What Are The Large Investment Firms Buying?
(2:45) - Tesla To $7000: Who’s Buying?
(15:20) - Is It Time To Get Back...

Feb 11, 2020

Commodities, from gold to oil to sugar, are often overlooked by investors. Which are the best trading opportunities in a market still trying to sort out the coronavirus impacts?

(0:45) - How To Trade Commodities

(6:30) - Whats The Best Way To Position Yourself For Commodity Trading
(12:00) - Why Is Palladium On A Hot...

Feb 4, 2020

With Tesla price targets flying high, some investors are having flashbacks to analyst upgrades on Amazon in 1998 that signaled an overheated stock market.

(1:00) - Learning From The Dot-com Bubble

(9:15) - Tesla’s Hot Streak: Are We At A Market High?

(15:15) - Is Tesla The New Amazon?

(23:00) - Episode Roundup: TSLA,...