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Tracey Ryniec's Market Edge

Mar 25, 2020

With uncertainty and anxiety weighing due to the coronavirus, sometimes it helps to be in control of just one thing. 5 stocks to nibble on.

(1:10) - Limiting Risk With Diversification 

(8:45) - Stocks To Keep On Your Radar: Buying Back Into The Market

(20:00) - Episode Roundup: VOO, TWTR, PEP, KO, MCD, SBUX,...

Mar 17, 2020

Stocks have quickly sold off but is it really capitulation or just a fake-out?

(0:30) - When Should You Buy Into The Stock Market?
(5:45) - How To Invest While The Stock Market Falls
(11:05) - Stocks To Watch When The Recovery Comes
(20:40) - Episode Roundup: UTLA, HD, JILL, BBBY, JCP, V, MA, TWTR, MTCH, FB

Mar 11, 2020

Even though the coronavirus is set to slow the US economy, a recession might not be so clear-cut.

(0:45) - Coronavirus Impact on Economy: Are We Heading Into A Recession?

(11:30) - What Are Some Possible Solutions
(18:00) - Impact on Consumers and Overall Sentiment
(24:45) - Should Investors Be Sitting On The Sideline?

Mar 3, 2020

 Who isn’t looking for income? With the Fed cutting rates again, cash in the bank is returning almost nothing. 
 (0:45) - Coronavirus Fears: Finding Safe Income Investments 
(3:15) - Screener Criteria For Income Investing
(6:00) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks
(15:40) - Episode Roundup: M, SUN, STX, NLY, PK