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Tracey Ryniec's Market Edge

Sep 30, 2020

ExxonMobil has a dividend yielding almost 10%. Is it risky to buy the big dividend payers or is it a golden opportunity?

(1:15) - Finding Stocks With Big Dividends

(6:00) - Making A Good Strategy: Is Oil A Good Play Right Now?

(20:30) - The Big Takeaway’s From The Oil Industry: CVX, XOM, BP, PFE, BAC

Sep 23, 2020

Innovation usually comes when a company is pushed to the brink. Will the luxury retailers come out of the coronavirus even stronger than before?

(1:00) - How Is Luxury Retail Performing During The Pandemic?

(9:35) - Amazon’s Luxury Products: Will They Survive The Competition?

(17:45) - Pre-Owned Designer Resell:...

Sep 16, 2020

Millennials are finally getting married and forming families. And that means they’ll want to buy a place to live. Here’s where to invest. 

(1:00) - The Housing Mania Begins

(6:35) - Will The Economy Continue Booming With Millennial Generation?

(10:00) - Are People Fleeing The Cities For The Suburbs?

(18:10) - What...

Sep 9, 2020

Generation X investors came of age in the dot-com boom when Microsoft and other tech titans hit new highs. Now, in 2020, it’s happening again.

(0:45) - August’s Booming Market: Is It Another Dot Com Bubble?

(11:00) - Breaking Down Large Cap Pharma and Energy Stocks

(19:40) - Weak Small Cap Stocks: Where Is A Good...

Sep 2, 2020

Millions of young Millennials jumped into stock trading in the last 5 months. Are the pandemic traders turning the stock market into their own casino?

(0:45) - Tesla and Apple Splits: Is The Crazy Trading Being Driven By Millennial's?
(5:50) - Is There More Trading or Investing Happening Right Now?
(9:10) - Is FANG...