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Tracey Ryniec's Market Edge

Apr 28, 2021

Technology has been one of the hottest sectors in recent years. Does that make it a must-own?

(0:45) - Creating A Portfolio Without Technology Stocks

(4:30) - Portfolio Breakdown Of An Everyday Investor

(10:45) - Reacting To A Selloff: What Did He Buy?

(17:20) - The Big Takeaways From The Everyday Investor

(22:15) -...

Apr 21, 2021

Forget about a US recession in 2021. The concern is about the possibility of overheating and inflation.

(1:45) - U.S Economy Bounce Back: Everything Investors Need To Know
(11:30) - Understanding The BLS Core Index
(18:00) - Should Investors Be Concerned About Inflation?
(29:45) - Are We Seeing Signs Of A...

Apr 14, 2021

Coinbase is the hottest IPO of the year but history shows it could be a wild ride.

(0:45) - Coinbase IPO: 2021’s Hottest IPO
(3:00) - What Can You Learn From Past IPO’s
(8:45) - Understanding Coinbase: What Should Investors Expect?
(12:20) - Tracey’s IPO Regrets: Missed Opportunities
(20:15) - Episode Roundup:...

Apr 7, 2021

If you’re going to buy individual stocks, why not buy your best ideas? Tracey explores what is the optimum number and how to find them.

(0:45) - Building A Strong Stock Market Portfolio

(5:00) - Best Idea Stocks: Knowing When To Add To A Position

(12:50) - Finding The Right Stocks For Your Portfolio

(22:10) - Episode...