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Tracey Ryniec's Market Edge

Jun 30, 2021

You don’t have to buy a stock at the IPO to be a great investor.

(0:45) - Long Term Investing: What If You Invested In The High Flying Stocks?

(10:00) - Creating A Strong Portfolio For Outperformance: Stocks To Keep On Your Radar

(16:25) - It’s Never To Late To Invest: Company Valuations 

(19:40) - Episode Roundup:...

Jun 23, 2021

It’s easy to panic and sell when volatility rises. Here’s some strategies to help you keep your eye on the prize.

(1:00) - Strategies For A Long Term Investor
(9:10) - Learning From Market Sell Off’s: How Should You React?
(17:30) - Buying Momentum Stocks As A Buy And Hold
(28:00) - Should You Be Paying Attention...

Jun 16, 2021

For many investors, it’s difficult to buy stocks at the top.

(0:45) - Buying Stocks During Momentum And Growth: Stocks At All Time Highs

(4:15) - Timing The Market: Is An ETF The Safe Way To Gain Exposure?

(10:30) - Building A Strong Portfolio: Stocks To Keep On Your Radar

(19:15) - Episode Roundup: VOO, FB, GOOGL,...

Jun 9, 2021

When a cluster of corporate insiders buy their own shares at the same time, it sends a powerful signal. But what happens when they’re selling?

(0:45) - What Should You Do With Your Meme Stock Gains?

(6:25) - Insider Buying and Selling: What It All Means For Your Portfolio

(22:45) - Big Takeaways From The Current...

Jun 2, 2021

Just because tech and growth stocks have cooled, doesn’t mean there aren’t hot industries. Here’s how to find the stocks with big momentum in 2021.

(0:45) - The Hottest Industries of Summer 2021
(5:00) - Tracey’s Top Picks To Keep On Your Radar
(19:45) - Episode Roundup: AMH, APLE, BAC, HVT, NDLS