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Tracey Ryniec's Market Edge

Aug 10, 2022

Don’t have a lot of spare cash? There are investing apps that let you buy ETFs with your extra change.

(1:00) - It’s Hard To Save Money: How To Put Money Aside For Investments
(8:20) - What To Keep On Your Radar: What Is Available To You Through Investing Apps?
(21:30) - Does Acorns Help You Save Even More?

Aug 3, 2022

Are you new to investing and confused by terms that are thrown around? Here’s some help. 

(0:30) - How To Start Investing Right Now: Basic Stock Terms

(6:45) - Understanding How To Use Stock Valuation Metrics

(20:15) - What Exactly Is Arbitrage and How Can You Use It? 

(25:30) - The Federal Reserve: Hawkish vs...

Jul 27, 2022

Dividends over 5%, a high Zacks Rank and growth. What more could you want?

(1:00) - Finding High Paying Dividend Stocks To Benefit Your Portfolio
(5:45) - Breaking Down The Stock Screener: Stocks To Keep On Your Radar
(22:10) - Episode Roundup:  WMT, SQN, PBR, EPR

Jul 20, 2022

Is it really easy to own a stock for decades? A look at how you can stay the course even in rocky markets.

(0:30) - What It Takes To Be A Buy and Hold Investor

(6:45) - Breaking Down Jim Cramer's 17 years on Mad Money: Best Performing Stocks

(15:40) - Tracey’s Top Tips For Long Term Investors

(26:55) - Episode...

Jul 13, 2022

Retail stocks have sold off on recession fears but could there be some deals emerging? 

(1:00) - Should You Be Looking To Invest Into Retail Stocks?

(6:45) - RH’s Strength Continues With More Growth and Expansion 

(13:30) - Is The E-Commerce Craze Slowing Down?

(19:00) - Turning Failing Stores Into E-Commerce...